Saturday, July 23, 2016


At various points in her book "The Loose Ends List", the author Carrie Firestone mentions the names of certain composers, musicians and songs as a means to enhance the narrative.  

I have compiled a comprehensive list of these names and musical pieces along with youtube videos to match.  When Ms. Firestone didn't give me the name of a specific piece of music, I posted my best estimate of what I thought she would have preferred.  Ok, I might have let my sense of humor get the better of me on occasion.  

Readers can use this mixtape to enhance their reading experience, and I've included the page numbers to assist in that process.  

See below:

1.  Beethoven or Bach, no specific piece, p. 78

I picked Bach's "Come Sweet Death"

2.  Brown Eyed Girl, p. 110

I picked Van Morrison's version

3.  Frank Sinatra Song, no specific piece, p. 111

I chose "My Way"

4.  Bob Marley's Three Little Birds, p. 111

5.  Ole Ole Ole Feeling Hot Hot Hot, p. 130

6.  At Last, p. 153

7.  "Her Name Was Lola, She Was a Show Girl", 
by Barry Manilow, p. 169

8.  Lynyrd Skynyrd "Gimme Three Steps", p. 174

9.  "What a Wonderful World", Louis Armstrong, p. 195

10.  "The Man I Love", p. 218

11.  Happy Birthday, trumpet, then reggae, p. 259

12.  Dixieland Music, P. 275

13.  "The 12 Days of Christmas", p. 300

14.  Oh Holy Night, p. 300

15.  Ave Maria, p. 300

16.  Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, p. 300

17.  Pink Floyd, On the Turning Away, p. 305

18.  Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, 
"Dream a Little Dream of Me, p. 313

19.  Otis Redding, Remember Me" p. 315

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