Friday, June 10, 2016


From my initial investigations, Emily Winslow is a mystery writer who has written three books which are located at the link below:

Originally, a resident of Pittsburgh, Emily Winslow now lives in Cambridge, England and is happily married and the mother of two. This is just about the long and short of it.  How disappointing.  I just love it when an author becomes sufficiently important that Wiki publishes an article on him or her. I'm very sorry folks, Ms. Winslow still needs to work on her reputation so that she attracts that kind of attention.   Total Bummer.  It would help, of course, if she would expand on her author page a bit.

Really, Ms. Winslow, we have chosen to read one of your books. We want to know who you are and why you wrote this book, as well as your other books, which are clearly also of considerable note.  So please don't be shy!

Emily Winslow's book, which is subtitled, "My twenty-year search for truth and justice" is about her rape and also how the perpetrator was finally discovered twenty years later when there was a DNA match from a drug conviction.  I will learn a good deal more about this and have much more to say once I have actually read the book.

For those who want a quick advance taste of the story, she has a May 19, 2016 New York Times article of considerable interest which you might want to read.  See link below:

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