Friday, June 17, 2016


Ok, so I was supposed to talk next about "Jane Doe January" by Emily Winslow, and I will, however, I seem to have misplaced the book.  Hopefully, it will show up again soon so that I can finish up with it.  

Anyway, since I got stuck by losing my book, I instead decided to read the book "If You Only Knew" by Kristan Higgins which I picked up off the CVS bookshelves while I was waiting for my daughter to pick up makeup wipes. Makeup wipes!  Can you imagine?  After I spent my entire life never wearing any makeup at all, I have this makeup wearing daughter.  Go figure!  

First thing, who is the author, Kristan Higgins?    What do you think--is she related to Mary Higgins Clark or something? Unfortunately, there's no way to know because this is another author who isn't famous enough to be on Wiki and give us all the gory details.

Apparently, Kristan Higgins is A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR--congratulations--and has written around 12 novels and won a few prizes.  Her work has been translated into twenty languages and she loves dogs and kids "even teenagers" she says.  She looks pretty youthful from her picture and has not said anything about when she was born in her bio page on her blog--probably a good idea. She also lives in Connecticut, a sorry fate which I share.  

Anyway, I picked this book out because I was interested in the kinds of books you can always find selling at CVS. Essentially, what I concluded is that this was a homey, comfortable, safe book all about women's very limited lives of domesticity.  You can pretty much dig into this kind of book and know it won't rock the boat.  It's not going to ask unanswerable questions.  It won't break your heart. 

The narrative bounces back and forth between two sisters--Jenny and Rachel.  Jenny is recently divorced from her perfect ex-husband, Owen, who is a pediatric plastic surgeon.  Not long after they divorced, he remarried some save the world type from South America--Ana-Sofia--who has promptly had a baby and they both try to stay friendly with Jenny.  It is Jenny's challenge to let go her failed marriage, come to terms with the past, and move forward. Will handsome, but tormented, upstairs neighbor Leo play a role in this?  Read it and see! 

The other sister, Rachel, has a seemingly perfect marriage and three beautiful triplets, and then to her shock and surprise, finds out that her husband has been having an affair.  She has to decide whether she wants to continue on with her cheating husband and stay in the marriage.  Drum roll!  How will it all end!  

A few quick observations:  

I will admit that books like this have fairly standard plots and characters and so if you wobble your eyes a bit, hop skip and jump through the pages, you can pretty much finish the book in 3 or 4 hours.  

One of the characters, Jenny, is a wedding dress designer.  If I have to read one more book where one of the major characters sews or paints or weaves or does something else crafty, I'm seriously going to scream.  

I will say that, to Ms. Higgins's credit, I did get some eyelashes in my eyeball at the end of the book and I might have appeared to be sufficiently moved to cry, but I certainly have no intention of admitting that.  

If you want to learn more about the author, the link to her author page is below:

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